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Thursday, 13. December 2018 07:09 AM 
Hello. And Bye.

Saturday, 15. September 2018 06:01 PM 
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Wednesday, 27. June 2018 01:07 AM 
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Thursday, 21. June 2018 08:44 PM 
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Monday, 21. May 2018 08:01 PM 
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Thursday, 10. May 2018 10:11 AM 
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Tuesday, 3. April 2018 04:15 PM 
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Wednesday, 25. January 2017 04:56 AM 
      x Ogdon Nash

Monday, 9. March 2015 01:23 AM 
Tiger, tiger, my mistake;
I thought that you were
William Blake.
      Nick Piombino

Friday, 29. October 2010 11:01 AM 
I must go mad. I must make sane. I must create. I must destroy. I must make to live. I must let die.
      x jeff burstein

Friday, 29. October 2010 12:00 AM 
bird lives but i do love sonny

Friday, 24. September 2010 08:09 PM 
Its nice

Monday, 30. August 2010 03:39 AM 
      x Melanie Weaver

Friday, 30. April 2010 01:42 PM 
I'm not here, so why are you?
      x Miss Toshiko Sasaki

Tuesday, 27. April 2010 12:26 PM 
die long and prosper
      Candide, the gardener

Tuesday, 17. November 2009 07:16 PM 
The grass is always greener on this side of the surface
      x Toni Simon

Wednesday, 28. October 2009 05:29 PM 
Parting is all we know of heaven,
And all we need of hell.
      x Meg

Thursday, 15. October 2009 12:32 AM 
Dig me up.

Tuesday, 13. October 2009 03:16 AM 
I can't really explain it more than that. ,

Sunday, 6. September 2009 03:32 PM 
here lies God
what a concept
      x Woody Allen

Friday, 28. August 2009 02:13 AM 
"I don't want to be immortal through my works. I want to be immortal by not dying."

Wednesday, 8. April 2009 01:45 PM 
Good time. And ,

Monday, 23. March 2009 07:35 PM 
empty vessel
inside out
      Dr. Suess

Wednesday, 4. March 2009 04:45 PM 
He slew Dick and Jane
      Nikos Kazantzakis

Tuesday, 3. March 2009 09:32 PM 
I hope for nothing.
I fear nothing.
I am free.
      x Dean Swift Faulkner

Tuesday, 23. December 2008 05:01 PM 
I bare him on eagles' wings
and brought him unto me
      x Merv Griffen

Tuesday, 23. December 2008 04:47 PM 
I will not
be back after these messages

Tuesday, 11. November 2008 09:11 PM 
Not bad... Not bad.

Sunday, 9. November 2008 10:47 PM 
after the game
the king and the pawn
go into the same box

Tuesday, 22. July 2008 02:46 PM 
all things must pass

Saturday, 5. July 2008 10:07 PM 
Must have: ,
      x Robbie taylor

Tuesday, 6. May 2008 02:26 PM 
Even tho hes not here life is for the living
      x the soldiers

Saturday, 3. May 2008 02:39 PM 
For your to-morrows
these gave their to-day
      x Seikilos

Saturday, 3. May 2008 02:13 PM 
While you live, shine
Don't suffer anything at all;
Life exists only a short while
And time demands its toll.

Thursday, 1. May 2008 03:44 PM 
People should have better things to do than flirt with people that don't like them when someone else does like the person they are flirting with!!

Thursday, 1. May 2008 03:42 PM 
MY momma always said life is like a box of chocolates; but it aint bc chocolates get eaten lives don't,unless you get attacked by the evil carnivores that live under your bed

Thursday, 1. May 2008 03:42 PM 
When the giant cockaroaches attack we will all put aside or diffrences and ban together.

Thursday, 1. May 2008 03:38 PM 
The grass is always greener on the other side,but thats also where the biggest weeds grow.
      Eleanor Roosevelt

Wednesday, 30. April 2008 03:32 PM 
Eleanor Roosevelt
10/11/1884 - 11/7/1962
I will be back with you now mom and dad.

Tuesday, 29. April 2008 03:38 PM 
they may not be here now but they have a legacy be it good or bad it's a legacy even if it was bad they were once good.
      x dead

Tuesday, 29. April 2008 03:31 PM 
For I am gone, under the lawn, let me rest, it's what i now do best.
      George William Frederick

Monday, 28. April 2008 03:51 PM 
Knavery seems to be so much a the striking feature of its inhabitants that it may not in the end be an evil that they will become aliens to this kingdom.
      x Andrew jackson

Monday, 28. April 2008 03:32 PM 
" It is to be reggreted that the rich and power for too often bend the acts of goverment to thier selfish purposes"

Andrew Jackson
      x Kevin Larison

Sunday, 27. January 2008 02:20 PM 
Finally! I don't have to hold in my gut anymore.

Monday, 31. December 2007 05:21 PM 

Tuesday, 4. December 2007 12:40 AM 

I make all things new again!
      x smurf

Saturday, 20. October 2007 04:39 PM 
he left his words alas, hoping one day in someones heart they'd last. now we admire his work, and in the depth of imagination we lurk.

Wednesday, 1. August 2007 11:44 PM 
A slow, beautiful implosion
      x Anne H

Monday, 30. April 2007 12:43 PM 
Elegantly Wasted

Saturday, 30. December 2006 10:54 PM 
She died doing what she did best - living!

Wednesday, 13. December 2006 04:38 PM 
Forever Rules!

Monday, 11. December 2006 06:28 AM 
Balnea vina Venus corrumpunt
corpora nostra
sed balnea vina Venus
vita faciunt

Saturday, 9. December 2006 12:01 PM 

Monday, 20. November 2006 09:33 PM 
I miss my dog :(
      x Suzanne Hilleary Cameron

Wednesday, 15. November 2006 08:41 PM 
Flew like a bird in life
Blow through the wind in death
This stone is all that remains
As my soul has departed once again
      x duchamps

Sunday, 12. November 2006 11:17 AM 
d ailleure ce sont toujours les autre qui meurents
(it s always the others who die)
      x Izumi Shikubu (circa 1034)

Thursday, 9. November 2006 03:25 PM 
The way I must enter
leads through darkness to darkness --
O moon above the mountains' rim,
please shine a little further
on my path.
      x Marcius N.

Thursday, 26. October 2006 11:02 PM 
Sabi nang Lola ko wala daw kulay pula sa langit.
(My grandma said there is no color red in heaven.)

Tuesday, 24. October 2006 03:04 PM 
death is for the living
      x unhappy bones

Monday, 23. October 2006 03:10 PM 
This is not right.

Monday, 23. October 2006 12:39 PM 
tread lightly on the grave
of one who
tread lightly on the earth

Thursday, 12. October 2006 05:02 PM 
      x gaillour

Tuesday, 19. September 2006 12:37 PM 
I see dead people...

Tuesday, 29. August 2006 04:52 PM 
She lived, she laughed, she loved and she left
      x lisam

Friday, 25. August 2006 08:50 PM 
"when will then be now' ? mel brooks

Monday, 21. August 2006 12:50 PM 
Finally I can sleep....

Monday, 21. August 2006 07:43 AM 
Hope to see you again

Sunday, 20. August 2006 11:30 AM 
See ya next time!!

Friday, 18. August 2006 10:16 PM 
Be here now
Beer now
Be renowned
Bare non
      Hal Glicksman

Tuesday, 15. August 2006 02:38 AM 
I left the water running
      x Lise Meitner

Saturday, 29. July 2006 03:09 PM 
a physicist who never lost her humanity

Saturday, 29. July 2006 01:13 PM 
they made a hole
they made a mark
you came to call
it is so stark
I am not here
there is no soul
but you can think
time is so dear
between us is a common link

Saturday, 29. July 2006 10:24 AM 
Hi everybody!

Saturday, 22. July 2006 01:40 PM 
      x sandy

Friday, 14. July 2006 01:28 PM 
... the number you have called has been disconnected. Please check the number and dial again...
      Dan Chusid

Monday, 10. July 2006 08:02 PM 
Here lies my body
below the ground
be careful where you step
when you're walking around

Sunday, 9. July 2006 01:35 AM 

Wednesday, 5. July 2006 08:40 PM 
Here you can leave your mark
      x pragmatist

Wednesday, 5. July 2006 10:27 AM 
life is unfair
death a cheat
might as well breath air
than give up your seat
      humphrey bogart

Thursday, 22. June 2006 07:01 PM 
I was born when she kissed me. I died when she left me. I lived a few weeks while she loved me.
      x Frank O'Hara

Tuesday, 20. June 2006 05:41 PM 
      x J Donne

Tuesday, 20. June 2006 05:32 PM 
when I died last, and, dear, I die
as often as from thee I go,
though it be but an hour ago,
and lovers hours be full eternity,
I can remember yet....

Saturday, 17. June 2006 08:10 PM 
you can sleep when you're dead!

Thursday, 15. June 2006 02:52 PM 
life is unfair. kill yourself or get over it
      x pjh

Tuesday, 13. June 2006 07:50 PM 
It wasn't alwayslike this for me.
      x Kathy Brew

Friday, 2. June 2006 12:43 AM 
The devil wears Prada
but I will wear nada,
cause when you're in hell
no one can tell.
Why should you care
what you wear where
when all is laid bare
in the fire?
      x Mom

Sunday, 28. May 2006 11:49 PM 
Wednesday, 8. February 2006 05:06 PM

Funny the world
      x Julie

Sunday, 28. May 2006 11:48 PM 
Saturday, 12. November 2005 08:25 AM

Please do not visit me here. For I am off as a bream of light traveling across time and space, leaving this worldly body behind.
      x Bill

Sunday, 28. May 2006 11:46 PM 
Saturday, 12. November 2005 08:20 AM

Here I lay in silent slumber. Just how long I wonder.
      x Marc Meredith

Sunday, 28. May 2006 11:44 PM 
Monday, 31. October 2005 11:19 AM

Six Feet Under
and all alone

Journey begun
from supple skin
to brittle bone

Loved ones just departed
and the worms have started

Sunday, 28. May 2006 11:42 PM 
Sunday, 30. October 2005 06:17 PM

Finally, it's over.
      Ernie Kovacs

Sunday, 28. May 2006 11:41 PM 
Wednesday, 26. October 2005 01:09 PM

Nothing in Moderation

Sunday, 28. May 2006 11:39 PM 
Wednesday, 26. October 2005 09:16 AM

Can you hear me now.........
      tomb of the unknown soldier

Sunday, 28. May 2006 11:37 PM 
Tuesday, 25. October 2005 06:51 PM

To save your world you asked this man to die:
Would this man, could he see you now, ask why?
      Mr. Leopold Bloom

Sunday, 28. May 2006 11:36 PM 
Monday, 5. September 2005 10:06 PM

Let my epitaph be.
Written. I have.

Sunday, 28. May 2006 11:35 PM 
Tuesday, 5. July 2005 08:17 PM

The Body of B. Franklin
Like the Cover of an Old Book,
Its Contents Torn Out
Stripped of its Lettering and Gilding,
Lies Here
Food for Worms,
But the Work shall not be Lost,
For it Will as He Believed
Appear Once More
In a New and more Elegant Edition
Revised and Corrected
By the Author

Sunday, 28. May 2006 11:33 PM 
Wednesday, 29. June 2005 11:40 PM

all born die
      Mia Pierse

Sunday, 28. May 2006 11:32 PM 
Friday, 24. June 2005 03:49 AM

Very good webpage you have here, and best greetings to all your visitors.
      x RLF

Sunday, 28. May 2006 11:31 PM 
Saturday, 11. June 2005 02:13 PM

We start
      C Peters

Sunday, 28. May 2006 11:29 PM 
Friday, 27. May 2005 02:46 PM

"The recklessness of death is in life, it would not be life without it."
T. Mann